LAHORE - The city witnessed worst traffic mess for hours following the yesterday’s downpour. Snarls-up were seen even on the signal-free Jail Road. Situation was also pretty much bad at The Mall (road), Canal Road, Ferozepur Road, Wahdat Road, Multan Road, Bund Road, GT Road Baghbanpura, and Lower Mall.

The traffic mess also added to problems of residents in the congested areas of Mozang, Samanabad, Garhi Shahu, Misri Shah, Mughalpura, Nolakha, and Gowalmandi.

Commuters were seen pushing their broken-down vehicles through the rainwater in Old Anarkali, Samanabad, Race Course, and Civil Lines police areas. The traffic situation worsened in the evening as a great number of people left their workplace for home.

Traffic wardens vanished from duty points in several parts of the metropolis as hundreds of motorists were seen trapped in the mess for hours the on flooded roads and crossings. In other areas, the wardens switched off the signals and tried to operate the vehicular traffic manually.