ISLAMABAD    -   Denmark has provided DKK10 million in humanitarian aid to Pakistan for the flood victims, the Denmark embassy announced here on Thursday.

Pakistan is badly affected by floods. A third of the country is under wa­ter. 33 million people are affected and over 6 million have humanitarian needs according to the UN. Pakistan has declared the situation a national disaster.

Pakistan’s authorities and the UN have asked the outside world for ur­gent support to deal with the mas­sive destruction and humanitarian needs.

“Denmark meets the need and pro­vides support of DKK10 million. The contribution is given to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR,” said the statement quoting the Den­mark foreign ministry.

The Danish support to UNHCR will go to the relief work in Pakistan. UN­HCR has so far provided emergen­cy relief in the form of tents, tarpau­lins, sanitary products, blankets and sleeping mats. Denmark supports the needs for continued emergency relief and protection of women and children in the affected areas.

Denmark already supports UNHCR’s work in Pakistan for the refugees dis­placed from Afghanistan, the Denmark embassy said.