Disney helps Northampton sisters front girls’ confidence videos

NORTHAMPTON    -  Two teenage sisters who are pub­lished novelists and run a book sub­scription service are part of new cam­paign to boost confidence in young girls. Kirsten and Aiyven Mbawa, from Northampton, star in a series of videos aimed at children aged three to six. The Princess Pep Talks have been produced by the sisters with Disney and empowerment organisa­tion The Female Lead. Kirsten, 14, said: “I think a lot of young girls lack confidence.”

The videos feature the sisters talk­ing about confidence issues using well-known Disney characters. They are aimed at helping boost resilience, especially among girls about to start school or nursery. Kirsten said she believed confidence issues in young girls were “more prominent now than maybe it was a few years ago”. “As they get older they can lack confidence and not believe in themselves as much and get knocked down easier than maybe a boy would,” she said. The siblings wanted to make the videos as “as inspiring and fun as possible”. Founded in 2015, The Female Lead aims to inspire and em­power women by sharing stories of successful fe­males while working with schools, businesses and governments. The sisters have been made the first “young female leaders” for the organisation which Aiyven, 13, said was “absolutely crazy”. “Now we hope there are many more young leaders to come. Not only is it going to inspire females, but young females as well,” she said.

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