n PTI chief says he will expose ‘the faces’ involved in ‘conspiracy’ against his govt n PTI can shut down Islamabad anytime.

SARGODHA   -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said Thursday that if forced he would expose ‘the faces’ involved in an alleged conspiracy to remove his government.

“Do not push me to the wall so that I reveal the names of those who sold this country for their personal interests. I can shut down Islamabad anytime. But I am silent due to the (devastation caused by) floods and economic situation,” the former prime minister said while addressing a public gathering here.

The PTI also said that he should not be compared with former PM Nawaz Sharif because he brought all of his earned money and assets to Pakistan unlike Nawaz Sharif. He regretted that he was booked in a terrorism case and said that he was on the front page of international newspapers after the government registered the case against him on the charges of terrorism.

About the Tosha Khana case, Imran Khan said that the Tosha Khan case should be opened against all the people so that the public would come to know about the facts. He said that his Chief of Staff Shahbaz Gill was tortured and sexually abused in the custody.

While addressing ‘people who are sitting in the government’, he said that they would never win the match no matter what kind of tactics they ally.

Later, Imran Khan tweeted, “I want to thank the record crowd in Sargodha today. I am now convinced that whatever fascist tactics this Imported Government tries to oppress and terrorise the people of Pakistan into accepting this government of crooks, it will only fan the flames of revolution.”

Earlier, Imran Khan reiterated that he would continue with his movement against the “thieves imposed on the masses” despite the floods that have wreaked havoc on the country.

Addressing lawyers at Circuit House in Sargodha, the PTI chief said: “They [the leaders of the coalition government] have been telling me to sit down due to floods; however, I will help the flood-affectees more than them [government] and will also continue my political activities.”

Khan told the lawyers that they have more responsibility towards ensuring the supremacy of the law. “All problems that people are facing will be resolved with a good local government system,” the former premier said, stressing that he has been fighting for rule of law in the country.

“Here [in Pakistan] we have different laws for the weak and powerful people,” he said, adding that thieves belonging to the poor segment of the society are sent to jails while the powerful thieves are given “important positions.”

he PTI chief said that all divisions in the country should be converted into provinces. “The better the province is, people’s problems will be solved,” he said, adding that debate should be held in this regard as more provinces would reduce the problems.