ISLAMABAD    -   Federal Ombudsman has deputed his officers and staff for making coordinated efforts among the concerned departments for working in flood affected areas.

He observed that due to the vast scale of distress and suffering of the flood-affected people, his advi­sors and staff should assist NDMA, DISCO’s and gov­ernment agencies in providing urgent relief and in the process of rehabilitation work. He said that at this critical moment, no efforts should be spared to ensure due relief for the affected people. He said that senior officers of the regional offices of the WMS, preferably the ones who have served in administra­tion should undertake frequent visits to the flood-af­fected places, especially in the far-flung areas, to as­sist the government agencies such as NDMA, gas supplying companies, DISCOs, PTCL, PTA, NHA in res­toration of their services.

The teams from the WMS regional offices will iden­tify the neglected areas and gaps in provision of relief goods and services to the victims of flood in the are­as falling within their domain and bring to the notice of the agencies concerned as well as WMS Head Of­fice. The WMS team should also work in collabora­tion with the offices of the provincial mohtasibs for the purpose of relief and rehabilitation through the provincial agencies concerned.

The Wafaqi Mohtasib urged that at this crucial mo­ment, no effort should be spared towards this na­tional duty. Regional offices have also been directed to furnish regular reports, which will be monitored personally by the Wafaqi Mohtasib on daily basis, ac­cording to a press release.