PESHAWAR   -   Federal Minister for Power Khurram Dastgir Khan said on Thursday that two power distribu­tion companies in Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa had suffered losses worth Rs460 million due to the recent floods.

At a news conference held in the Wapda House here, he said that Tribal Electric Supply Compa­ny and Peshawar Electric Supply Company both ex­perienced infrastructural damages totalling about Rs60 million and Rs400 million, respectively.

He said that a senior officer from the feder­al government had been sent to Peshawar to pro­vide precise estimates of the losses and problems with the power supply.

He stated that nine grid stations were adversely affected and shut down for the safety of people, adding that six of these nine had already been reopened while three had not been started yet.

According to the min­ister, 126 feeders were also shut down due to the flooding, and 121 of them were reopened while five remained closed.

He said that while transmission lines and pylons were uprooted in some regions and pow­er supply to those are­as remained interrupted, grid stations and feeders were not harmed by the floodwaters.

He declared that the restoration of these sup­ply lines had already be­gun, and that power would soon be restored to all locations.

He claimed that Bajaur and Swat were the worst damaged districts and the flood-affected Tank district now has access to energy. He claimed that the security situa­tion in Jandola was an­other barrier to the res­toration of power supply, but that the ministry was looking into various solutions to the problem.

He claimed that the government had given the distribution compa­nies access to all resourc­es so they could address all the problems as soon as feasible.

He was grateful to the Pesco personnel for act­ing quickly to cut off the power to the Nowshera district, sparing lives and property. He claimed that prompt action had reduced the losses.

Although the govern­ment was preparing a plan for line losses, he claimed that its main con­cern was ensuring the country’s flood-affected areas had access to pow­er. He noted that pow­er supply in Sindh, South Punjab, and Balochistan had been impacted.

According to him, a na­tionwide policy would be created to reduce con­sumer electricity rates, especially in flood-affect­ed areas.

He said that Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa prov­ince would receive a re­lief package worth Rs10 billion from the prime minister adding that the technology would be used to accomplish the goals and that the minis­try was also developing a system for tracking the performance of distribu­tion corporations.