Kevin Dillon goes from ‘Entourage’ to action star alongside Bruce Willis

LOS ANGELES   -   Actor Kevin Dillon has taken a detour from Johnny Drama, his comedic hanger-on “Entou­rage” character. He’s currently starring with Bruce Willis in an upcoming action movie, “Wire Room.” “It was my second time working with Bruce,” Dillon told CNN in a recent interview. “The first time around I didn’t have any scenes with him, which was a bummer. It was great to be in a movie with him, but this time around, I had a bunch of scenes with him. I’ve always been a gi­gantic Bruce Willis fan and to work with him is just a really great thing.”

Dillon said the opportunity to work with Willis again made “Wire Room” an easy yes.

“I chose it because the script is really good and because Bruce was doing it,” he said, adding, “I’m a huge fan, so that was a big plus for me, but it’s also gotta be on the page and it was on the page. I thought the script, it moved along really nicely.”

The movie was shot last De­cember, about three months be­fore Willis’s family announced he would be stepping away from acting due to his aphasia diag­nosis, which can impact cog­nitive abilities. Dillon said the production moved quickly, like the pace of the film’s adventure.

“It was a seven-day shoot. I worked five of those seven days, so I didn’t have a lot of time,” he said. “I love the way it came out. I think it turned out really, really fun.” In the movie, Dillon plays a federal agent who is regulated to a desk job in a surveillance cen­ter known as the “wire room.” Willis plays a Homeland Securi­ty agent who runs the room. The film also stars Oliver Trevena, Cameron Douglas, and Shelby Cobb. Matt Eskandari directs. Since appearing in the comedy series “Entourage,” which aired from 2004 until 2011, Dillon said he’s been offered several “Johnny Drama type” roles, the affable, loyal older brother he played on the show.

“I love to do comedy. I love to do drama, action, like in this case. A lot of times lately it’s been drama, so it’s nice to do something a little different. But I’ll take, ‘em all. I love them all,” he said. As for his “Entourage” pals, Dillon keeps in touch with the cast as well as show creator Doug Ellin. Dillon and Ellin also host a weekly comedy podcast, “Victory the Podcast,” where they talk reflect on episodes of the hit HBO show. (CNN and HBO are both part of Warner Bros. Discovery.) “Doug and I do the podcast. I’m tight with Jerry Ferarra and Kevin Connelly and all the guys,” he said

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