Issues and complaints regarding the Sehat Sahulat Programme and its implementation continue to come to the fore and it is extremely unfortunate to see how citizens who depend on the programme are being misled and mistreated at the hands of the medical fraternity. An increasing number of cases are being reported of private hospitals either refusing to accept the health card for offering treatments or using delaying tactics in the treatment of those who want to avail the facility. Based on the frequency of such cases, it appears that most of the private healthcare outlets and senior doctors of the public sector hospitals are in a tacit agreement to discredit the Sehat Sahulat Programme. Some claim that this is a ploy to protect their hegemony, but these issues should be sorted out with government authorities instead of exploiting and manipulating those who cannot afford to pay for medical care. Patients who desperately require medical attention are being refused treatment while government functionaries are busy making tall claims about the success of the program. Reports reveal that a lot of the surgeons in private hospitals are not satisfied with the fee offered to them through the health card. However, the issue also extends to the public sector as hospitals are putting patients on long waiting lists or encouraging them to go to private facilities. In some instances, where the patient is especially desperate for immediate treatment, they are being asked to furnish cash upfront. The Sehat Sahulat Programme could be a revolutionary initiative and universal healthcare is what we must be working towards, however, the hurdles in implementation will have to be worked out first. The authorities must tackle these medical mafias and engage with all the concerned stakeholders. If the primary issue is insufficient fees, then these particulars must be finalised before a program is piloted on such a massive scale. It is tragic to see patients being mistreated in such a manner and the government must urgently look into these issues at the earliest.