It is a universally accepted norm in international affairs that countries must not interfere in the political affairs of other countries. States are sensitive about such matters and consider it a violation of state sovereignty. We have witnessed Russia and America accusing each other of interference in their political campaigns of each other, with bitter accusations. It is precisely for this reason that sovereign independent democratic countries have placed strict curbs on foreign funding of political parties. There are laws which provide for strict censures on foreign funding of political parties which include placing curbs on political activities and disbarring their office bearers from contesting polls.
Unfortunately, such malpractices are indulged, by financially powerful countries, especially foreign aid donors. Although very rare, when an aid recipient country, is found involved in such malpractice, either directly or by default, the repercussion is very severe. In July 2019 PM Imran Khan on a 3-day official visit to the USA to meet President Trump, went to Texas Houston to address the Pakistan community, at a function funded by PTI local chapter. Amongst the major fundraisers of PTI was a Pakistan origin Oil Billionaire Jawed Anwar, who coincidentally was also chairman of Trump’s reelection campaign and a major Republican Party fundraiser. All this was hunky dory till Trump lost and Biden got elected US President in 2020 after a bitter election campaign. PTI Government should have realized that after Biden had taken the oath, they should have distanced themselves from Jawed Anwar. Unfortunately, against the advice of our ambassador, President Arif decided to give Tamgha Pakistan award to Jawed Anwar in a ceremony held at Presidency and photographs were published in the media. This was played upon by the Indian lobby, enough to irritate Biden, who did not even telephone PM Imran Khan. ALI MALIK T, Lahore.