MOHENJO-DARO   -   Just like unprecedented mon­soon rains and floods in Sindh have left a trail of destruction in human settlements, similarly ruins of the ancient civilisation of Mohenjo-daro, nearly 5, 000 years old, did not remain safe from the devastating effects of downpours either, it surfaced on Thursday. DK Area, Muneer Area, Stupa, Great Bath and other important sites of these ruins have been badly affected by the natural disaster. 

Mohenjo-daro’s Paris Stairs, the Stupa and the DK Area are particularly in a worst condi­tion. Ruins of the civilization were first discovered in 1911, while 10 years later, in 1921, digging started at the site un­der the supervision of Sir John Marshall, a famous British ar­chaeologist. So far, however, only 10 per cent of these ruins, spreading over 500 acres of land, have been unearthed. The UNESCO has declared Mohen­jo-daro as world heritage site. Ihsan Ali Abbasi, a curator, has said that although these ruins are not inundated with wa­ter, still persistent rainfall has eroded them. He has added that on the UNESCO’s instruc­tions, work on the restoration of the site will soon begin.