ISLAMABAD   -   Hurriyat leader Ya­sin Malik’s wife Mush­aal Hussein Mullick on Thursday urged the world to hold India ac­countable for its illegal actions and impose on it defense and economic sanctions. “It is about time that international community holds India accountable for its un­speakable crimes against the Kashmiri people”, she stressed while talking to Radio Pakistan’s current affair program.

Lasting peace and prosperity in South Asia cannot be established without resolving the lingering Kashmir dis­pute, she highlighted.

She condemned that RSS-inspired Hindutva ideology being pursued by BJP-led Modi govern­ment was a major threat to “foreign investment” in India.

Mushaal said that ma­jor international players should not make invest­ment in India because of anti-minorities and anti-Muslim policies of Narendra Modi.

Mushaal Mullick said fascist Narendra Modi and the Indian Army were turning Kashmiris into a minority in the valley by issuing domi­ciles to Indian citizens in Indian Illegally Occu­pied Jammu and Kash­mir. She said New Delhi government was making every effort to dampen the Kashmiris’ spirit of freedom, but all negative tactics would fail.

She regretted that the whole India was under the control of extrem­ist ideology, threatening the very fabric of Indian society, where minori­ties were being system­atically targeted.

Talking about India’s illegal and unilateral ac­tions of August 5, 2019, Mushaal Hussein Mullick opined that New Delhi was trying to create “iden­tity crisis” in the held val­ley by giving rights of franchise to outsiders. Mushaal Mullick regret­ted that her husband Ya­sin Malik had been kept in a death cell where his life was in danger.

She said that the Unit­ed Nations, the Security Council, the European Union and other inter­national organizations remained silent specta­tors to the human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. She said the courage and determina­tion of Yasin Malik could not be shaken through negative tactics.

Replying to a ques­tion, Mushaal Mullick said the relentless wave of killings by the Indian occupying forces, delib­erate arrests of Kash­miris and human rights defenders and refusal to hand over the bodies of the martyrs to their heirs were extremely worrisome for people around the world