Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has said that the national economy is moving in the right direction due to prudent policies of the government. Addressing a discussion on "current state of Pakistan’s economy" in Karachi on Friday, he said revival of the IMF programme was top most priority of the government after taking reins of power. He said that the scope of tax net is being increased and business class is being brought under tax net. He said that the government by adopting prudent policies has saved the country from default. Miftah Ismail said that flash floods have caused devastation on a large scale in the country. He said an amount of 28 billion rupees has been disbursed through Benazir Income Support Programme in a transparent manner in order to provide relief to the affected people. He said that initially an amount of 25 thousand rupees is being transferred to affected families so that they can meet ration needs. The Finance Minister said that flood-affected people will not be left alone in this testing time and they will be compensated by utilizing all available resources, even diverting PSDP funds for their rehabilitation.