ISLAMABAD   -   The Public Accounts Committee on Thurs­day decided to approach Chief Justice of Pa­kistan Justice Umer Atta Bandial against the grant of repeated stay orders by the subor­dinate judiciary.

A meeting of PAC held on Thursday at Parliament House under the chair of Noor Alam Khan to discuss the audit objections related to the Aviation Division.

During the meeting, Chairman PAC ques­tioned about an excess expenditure in­curred upon a project than its approved cost. The representative of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) informed the meeting that excess expenditures are incurred on a run­way project at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore.

He said that the concerned project direc­tor had issued several orders on the pro­ject on his own without taking approval of the competent authority and spent an extra amount of Rs2 billion.

Chairman PAC asked what action has been taken against the said officer so far. The CAA’s representative replied that the authority had removed the project direc­tor from his post and initiated an inquiry against him but he had managed to get a fa­vourable decision from the court.

He further said that the court had not only given a restraining order against the authority to proceed against him but also reinstated him in the same posi­tion from where he was removed for his wrong doings.

At this point, the PAC after brief discus­sion unanimously decided to approach the Chief Justice of Pakistan to look into the working of lower judiciary, which accord­ing to the committee is creating hindrance in the accountability process.

It is pertinent to mention here that not only the lower judiciary but the Islamabad High Court in recent days has also over­turned a couple of PAC’s rulings.

For instance, two days ago, the IHC direct­ed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to remove the name of the former Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Azam Khan from its stop list, which was included on the directions of the PAC.

Meanwhile, PAC was also told by the audit officers that their teams visited the office of Registrar Supreme Court of Pakistan to get the record of funds collected as ‘Dam Fund’ for its audit on the directions of the commit­tee but they were denied the access.

Noor Alam Khan directed his staff to send a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan through the Attorney General Office and cite examples of ‘judicial overstepping’ in the communique.

He said we will request the CJP to look into the matter and take corrective meas­ures as we cannot allow the corrupt people to hide themselves behind the court orders.

He said that under the article 170 of the Constitution, the Auditor General Office can get any record for the purpose of audit and it cannot be denied access to it. He direct­ed his staff to include this point in the let­ter as well.

Earlier, he directed the FIA to complete all pending inquiries regarding Pakistan Inter­national Airlines.