ISLAMABAD    -   Parents association of students has asked the Federal Directo­rate of Education (FDE) to sim­plify the registration process for applicants seeking admission in the model colleges working un­der its ambit.

The association has that ob­served different model schools and colleges have designed differ­ent registration forms and lay in­dividual conditions for admission.

The association has demanded a uniform registration form and re­lated documents for the facility of applicants. The association asked the authorities concerned that a simple uniform registration form should be available online in this digital era so that the applicants can apply for registration with one click from their handy phone set or personal laptop from home or working place.

One applicant tries to apply for admission in different institutions in a bid to secure place in an ed­ucational institution owing to a fear of merit barrier, the associa­tion added.

The members of the association told one college demands of the applicants to fix photos with the registration form while the oth­er declines. At the same time, one institution offers combination of subjects while the other one pro­vides only a list of all subjects and doesn’t provide any space to write subjects of choice in the registra­tion form, leaving the applicants confused, they informed.

The association is of the view that educational institutions should come out of manual system of working to save time and mon­ey of applicants and institutions themselves.