ISLAMABAD    -   A seminar on China-Pakistan Technical and Vocational Educa­tion and Training (TVET) Cooper­ation and Development was held besides the launching ceremony of China-Pakistan TVET Exchange and Cooperation series activities at Pakistan Embassy China.

Executive Director, NAVTTC, Sa­jid Baloch addressed the Interna­tional Seminar on Skills Training and Technical Vocational Educa­tion & Training (TVET).

He emphasized upon the role and importance of skills sector for employment, income generation, and empowerment. 

Technical and Vocational Edu­cation and skill development are globally proved as the key to al­leviating poverty, achieving sus­tainable economic development, peace, and prosperity.

The government of Pakistan is fully committed to human re­source development and skills de­velopment. The biggest initiative of “Prime Minster Youth Skills De­velopment Program” is being exe­cuted through National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC). The main focus is on Hi-Tech skills, IT skills like Arti­ficial Intelligence, E-Commerce, graphic designing, Robotics, Cyber Security, Hospitality etc, he said.

In addition, the government has just approved a new project for setting up 250 VTIs Vocation­al Training Institutes all over Pa­kistan. Many of these new VTIs will also serve as joint testing and certification centers for the NAVTTC-TAKAMOL Saudi Ara­bia Skill verification programme to test and certify the Pakistani skilled potential emigrants for Saudi Arabia.

The government is commit­ted to provide employment to over a million skilled workforc­es, for local and international job market and uplift socio-eco­nomic status of 1.67 million fam­ily members through provision of in demand income generating skills, Baloch said.

According to Mr. Sajid Baloch, NAVTTC is contributing to nation­al human resource development and has generated a large num­ber of employments for the skilled youth, overseas and nationally, benefitting the individuals as well as the national economy. 

The government is focusing on imparting quality and demand driven skills among youth and NAVTTC under the guidance of Minister for Education and Pro­fessional Training, Mr. Rana Tan­veer Hussain, NAVTTC has taken numerous steps to organize Skills and TVET system of the country on modern lines, and is delivering premium trainings, as per interna­tional standards.

NAVTTC has trained 379,350 youth as certified skilled profes­sionals with 71% employed in the labour market. 40,361 youth have been trained in High-Tech skills e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Robot­ics, Cyber Security & IT. 

NAVTTC developed National Skills Information System (NSIS) to ensure data management of the skilled trainees.