Undoubtedly, water is a great blessing of God. All the energies and vitalities of life are from the water. All the movements of our body need water. The springs and springs of life are from the tail of water. We also use the word Blue Gold for water. It is quite possible that the next nuclear war will be fought on the basis of water. Brazil, Canada, the United States, Russia and China are the superpowers in the field with the largest water reserves.
As an agricultural country, we depend on water. Unfortunately, we have tried our best to deplete the abundant water resources. We have an extraordinary amount of water extravagantly than the conscious nations. We use dozens of litres of water just to wash the dishes. Using water with an open heart during ablution in mosques is our tragedy while Islam always teaches us to avoid extravagance. Our rulers and administration are also enjoying the dream rabbit while India is cleverly diverting our rivers. Rivers from the states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir will now benefit Haryana and Rajasthan instead of irrigating Pakistan’s soil. India has also completed dozens of dams on the Chenab and Jhelum rivers and further completed the feasibility of a large number of new dams while we are bent on making the Kala Bagh Dam controversial and unsuitable. Kala Bagh Dam is a naturally constructed dam on three sides but we have made it controversial and political. In addition, we are taking the water from the mountain ranges of Mount Solomon and Harnai to the sea. During the monsoon season alone, we would sacrifice billions of gallons of clean water to the sea, which would later lead to famine and human tragedy in desert areas like Cholistan and Tharparkar. We as a nation need to take this issue seriously. New dams should be completed on a priority basis and water awareness should be created among the people. WAQAS NASRULLAH, Pindi Bhattian.