IHC moves to add Islamic teachings to educational syllabus


IHC bench issues directions while hearing petition of former federal minister J Salik.

ISLAMABAD  -  The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has issued direc­tions to send the copy of a petition to Prime Minis­ter to include Islamic teachings related to minori­ties in educational syllabus to avoid incidents like Jarrawala. A single bench of IHC comprising Justice Babar Sattar issued the directions while hearing a petition of former federal minister J Salik who ap­peared before the court in person in this matter.

The petitioner stated in his petition that he is ag­grieved by the various incidents of encounters and violence against the citizens of Pakistan of Chris­tian faith. He also stated that all the citizens have an equal right to life, liberty, dignity and the free­dom to profess their religion guaranteed under the Constitution of Pakistan. He added that notwith­standing this there are repeat incidents on one pretext or another against minority communities. 

He contended, “Such actions are in breach of the teachings of Islam as well as the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).” He further said, “In or­der to avoid such incidents of persecution and violence there is a need to include within the educational syllabus appropriate teachings of Islam preaching tolerance and the need for af­fording the minorities an equal right to live their lives while fully enjoying the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution.”

“If such instruction is included within the syl­labus at an early age, it would nurture a balanced society and act as a bulwark against persecution of minorities,” maintained the petitioner. Justice Sattar directed in his written order that let a copy of this petition along with annexures be sent to the Prime Minster of Pakistan through his Prin­cipal Secretary. After issuing the aforementioned directions, the IHC disposed of the matter.

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