India must reverse 2019 illegal acts: FO

Pakistan urges India to give unhindered access to family and followers of Syed Ali Shah Gilani’s grave n Afghan authorities must take action against anti-Pakistan individuals, entities


ISLAMABAD  -  Pakistan yesterday urged India to reverse the 2019 illegal acts to unlawfully merging Kashmir into its union territory.

Speaking at a weekly news briefing here, Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zah­ra Baloch said that India must rescind its illegal act of 5th of August, 2019 and create an en­vironment for peace and dia­logue in the region. Replying to another question about the recent anti-Pakistan statement of Indian Minister for External Affairs, the spokesperson said it was nothing new.

“He has used undiplomatic language against Pakistan on a number of occasions and we regret it,” she said.

Baloch urged the Indian gov­ernment to give unhindered access to family and follow­ers of iconic Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah Gilani, for his fi­nal resting place.

She said Syed Ali Shah Gi­lani was a true voice and face of the Kashmiris' struggle for their rights and freedom.

She said the unflinching commitment of Syed Ali Gi­lani to the Kashmiris' right to self-determination, in the face of persistent persecution and tremendous personal hard­ship, has inspired generations of Kashmiris in resisting the occupation and tyranny.

The spokesperson said that Syed Ali Gilani will be remem­bered for his matchless sacri­fices and unconditional love for Kashmir and for Pakistan.

Baloch said on the second death anniversary of Syed Ali Gilani, “we pay rich tribute to his life-long dedication for jus­tice and freedom and reaffirm our support to the people of Illegally Indian Occu­pied Jammu and Kashmir.” To a question, she said it was important for the Af­ghan authorities to take action against those indi­viduals and entities that threaten Pakistan. “And it is their responsibility, their international responsibil­ity, their bilateral respon­sibility and their trilater­al responsibility as they have committed in the tri­lateral between Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. So, how they do it we do not want to comment on it but it is their responsibility and we hope they will ful­fil the commitments that they have made,” she add­ed. She said Pakistan con­tinues to maintain neu­trality between Russia and Ukraine in this dispute. “We have longstanding ties with both the countries, and there is no change in Pakistan’s position. As far as your first question, as you know very well there has been no announce­ment from our side and we have not shared any details of any high-level visit from Saudi Arabia. When such a visit takes place and we have confirmed informa­tion and both sides agree to announce the visit we will make an announce­ment at the time,” she said.

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