Jamrud family calls for probe into ‘unlawful arrest’ by police

Jamrud  -   Saeed Khan, a retired teacher, has expressed his distress over the arrest of his son, Usman Khan, during what he claimed was an unlawful police raid at their home.

During a news conference held in Jamrud, he insisted on Usman’s innocence and urged for his immediate release, contending that the police had conducted the raid without valid grounds and evidence.

According to Saeed Khan, his son was apprehended by the police while he was at his shop and was subsequently taken to an undisclosed location. He said that there was no apparent justification for the arrest.

Moreover, he alleged that the police caused significant damage during the raid, including damaging walls, and breaking locks on various rooms and cupboards within their home.

Despite an extensive search, no evidence of wrongdoing was discovered at their residence, he said. Saeed vehemently denied any association with extremist groups or knowledge of individuals involved in such activities.

He emphasised that his son had been running a slipper business at a Jamrud shop for the past decade.

He demanded immediate release of his son and called for accountability for those responsible for authorising the raid on his home.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt