I would like to draw the attention of government, print media, electronic media and the policy makers of the state towards the effect of westernisation on the culture of Pakistan. Culture is very important for one’s society, it is the invisible bond which ties people together. The art, literature, language, and religion of a community represent its culture. Pakistan has a rich and unique culture that has preserved, established traditions throughout history. But with the passing time the western culture, not only influenced Pakistan politically, economically, and socially, but it also influenced their minds and culture to such an extent that even subsequent generations have absorbed the influence as well. Westernisation has been spread throughout our country because of media. The TV channels show various newscasters and different characters in the dramas wearing westernised clothes. Even our TV shows are now depicting the western style of dressing and decor. The media of today is exploiting the personalities of the new generation. It presents the western world in such a glittering way that anybody can become its victim. Westernisation fades away our religious values. Media shows different programs that leave a negative impact on the children about drugs, disobedience, unnecessary freedom. Media plays a prominent role in ruining the culture and moral values and is encouraging youth to adopt western culture in the name of modernisation. 

So, it is the need of the hour that the authorities concerned should take immediate actions to curb the effects of westernisation, and to save our precious and historical culture before the situation gets worse; steps in the direction desired will be highly appreciated. 


Karachi, March 21.