Emily Browning wanted to be ‘fashion designer’

MELBOURNE-Emily Browning wanted to be a ‘’fashion designer’’ when she was a child and would draw her own designs which her grandmother would make Emily Browning wanted to be a ‘’fashion designer’’ when she was a child.

The 30-year-old actress is known for wearing classic cuts and pastel colours when she is on the red carpet, however the ‘Legend’ star has revealed that before her successful acting career, she wanted to be a wardrobe dresser and would create her own designs, which her grandmother would bring to life.

She said: ‘’I wanted to be a fashion designer, I used to do little drawings and my grandmother would make them for me. She was a dressmaker.’’

And the Australian beauty insisted that she opts for ‘’jeans and tees’’ when she is working, but her red carpet outfits are selected by one of Hollywood’s most in-demand stylists, Karla Welch. She added: ‘’Anything fancy is all Karla’s [Welch] work, when I’m working it’s jeans and tees.’’

Meanwhile, Emily also explained that she doesn’t ‘’engage’’ with the internet because it makes her ‘’anxious’’, and the star was ‘’bullied’’ in primary school so she tries to stay away from negativity online by not looking.

Speaking to Australia’s Vogue, she continued: ‘’I’m anxious enough as it is. I would be a mess if I was a teen today with all the social media stuff. Do I engage with the internet? I do not.

‘’Typical actor story, I was bullied really badly in primary school, switched schools and it was a much more flexible, free school and a friend was looking for an eight-year-old girl and asked if I was interested and I got the part.’’


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