LAHORE -Mudassir Murtaza clinched the ITC Twin City Tennis Tournament title here at the Islamabad Tennis Complex on Saturday. In Men Singles final, Muddassir Murtaza beat Hamza Asim by 6-0,6-0. Earlier in the quarterfinals, Muddasir Murtaza beat Abdullah Shafqat 8-1; Abdullah Khan beat Mehak Khokhar 8-6; Qasim Ali beat Emad Alamgir 8-5; Hamza Asim beat Zaryab 8-6. In the semifinal, Mudassir murtaza beat Abdullah Khan 8-3; Hamza Asim beat Qasim Ali 8-5. In ladies singles semifinals, Amna Qayum beat Soha Ali 8-1; Sheeza Sajjid beat Asfa Shebaz 8-6. In Under 16 Boys, quarterfinal, Hamza Asim beat Abdullah Rashid 6-1; Abdullah Khan beat Maaz Aqdas 6-1; Nabeel Qayum beat Mustansir 6-1; Sameer Kiyani beat Haziq Asim 7-5. In semifinals, Hamza Asim beat Abdullah Khan 6-2; Nabeel Qayum beat Sameer Kiyani 7-5. In final, Hamza Asim beat Nabeel Qayum 8-3. In U-16 Girls, final, Amna Qayum beat Soha Ali 8-2. In U-14 Boys quarterfinals, Nabeel Qayum beat Subhan Aslam 6-0; Haziq Asim beat Soha Ali 6-0; Abdul Wasay beat Amar Masood 6-1; Hassan Usmani beat Ahmed Imtiaz 6-2. In semifinals, Haziq Asim beat Nabeel Qayum 6-4; Hassan Usmani beat Abdul Wasay 6-2. In final, Haziq Asim beat Hassan Usmani 8-3. In U-14 Girls, final, Soha Ali beat Lalarukh Sajjid 6-1. In U-12 Boys, semifinals, Hassan Usmani beat Moazam Baber 6-0; Abdul Wasay beat Omer Imtiaz 6-0. In the final, Hassan Usmani beat Abdul Wasay 8-5. In U-12 Girls semifinals, Lala Rukh beat Zara Shabaz 6-2; Marukh beat Ayesha Masood 6-1. In the final Lalarukh beat Marukh Sajjid 6-4. Khadeja Laghari Chairperson ITC Twin City tennis tournament distributed the prizes amongst the winners and runner-up’s. This Tournament was part of the ITC League and events are being organized since October 2021. So far twelve leagues and three tournaments have been organized since October last year time to time. These local competitions have given and encouraged lot of youngsters from different clubs and area to enhance their abilities in the game, said Fazal-e-Subhan director ITC.