LHCBA, Aitzaz seek serving judges body to probe IHC judges’ letter

ISLAMABAD  -  The Supreme Court has been asked to establish a three-member commission comprising SC sitting judg­es to determine which offi­cers and operatives of the ISI or other persons, if any, are or were involved in in­terference in judicial work. In this regard, senior law­yer Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan and the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) Tuesday filed separate pe­titions asking the apex court to itself hear the IHC judges’ allegations. Aitzaz maintained in his petition that the Supreme Court has the power to consti­tute a commission, and it has done so in the past. The power has been derived from Articles 187 and 190 of the constitution. 

The senior lawyer also prayed to the court to de­clare any government servant, including any serving army officer or operative of the ISI, who seeks to influence judi­cial proceedings or judg­es shall be liable to forth­with be terminated from service without any re­tirement or other benefits being payable to such in­dividual from the national exchequer. For those who have already retired, it specified the cessation of any retirement or associ­ated benefits. The LHCBA also submitted a petition urging the apex court to commence an inquiry into the concerns raised by the six IHC judges. The Lahore bar pleaded, “Direct hold­ing of judicial inquiry by the judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan into the allegations contained in the letter of six Hon’ble Judges of the Islamabad High Court.”

The bar petitioned to impose stringent penal­ties on individuals proven guilty of attempting to in­timidate, influence, or in­terfere with the function­ing of the judiciary in any capacity.

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