MQM-P threatens to quit federal govt over rise in street crimes

HYDERABAD  -  Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Paki­stan (MQM-P) Senator Faisal Subz­wari Tuesday said his party will quit the federal government if the people of the port city continue to be killed amid the rise in street crimes across Karachi. Lamenting the 15-year-long rule of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in the province, the MQM-P senator said the demands for an operation would have come forward if such killings were hap­pening elsewhere. “If our people continue to be killed, we will leave the government,” he said while speaking with journalists.

Karachi has been gripped by street crimes claiming the lives of dozens of citizens who have fallen victim at the hands of criminals for the past few weeks. Many have been killed while resisting robberies and snatching incidents, particularly in the month of Ramazan during which criminals seem to have been let loose.

From January till March, at least 50 citizens have lost their lives due to street crimes. Meanwhile, six rob­bers have been killed in 75 police encounters while 93 accused were arrested with injuries.

However, Sindh Home Minister Zi­aul Hasan Lanjar termed crime “part of a daily life”, alleging that the wors­ening state of crimes in Karachi is be­ing “exaggerated” in local media.

Contrary to his remarks, the Sindh cabinet, in its maiden meet­ing on March 13 was informed that nearly 16,000 street crimes had been recorded in the metropolis since January this year. 

Taking a jibe at the deteriorating law and order situation in the port city, the senator said, “Police and criminals have come to celebrate Eid in Karachi.”

He questioned why barriers are not being placed on the streets to curb crimes in the city.

Addressing Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi, the senator insisted, “The interior minister should come to Karachi and sit with our repre­sentatives.”

Commenting on the matter of governorship in Sindh, Subzwari said that his party has not taken any decision with regards to the change of the governor. He added that Governor Kamran Tessori is the federation’s representative in Sindh and remains in office.

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