TDAP for developing sustainable shrimp export industry

KARACHI  -  The Trade Development Au­thority of Pakistan (TDAP), in collaboration with key stakeholders in the aquacul­ture industry, hosted a highly informative webinar titled “Developing Shrimp Export Potential in Pakistan”. The event aimed to provide a com­prehensive understanding of the enabling environment for shrimp farming, the export potential of shrimp, and the future prospects of shrimp farming in Pakistan.

Distinguished experts and thought leaders shared valu­able insights during the webi­nar sessions. Mozzam Khan, former DG Marine Fisher­ies Department and ex-CEO of Fisheries Development Board, delivered an enlight­ening presentation on the en­abling environment required for the growth of shrimp ex­ports from Pakistan. His in-depth analysis delved into the regulatory framework, infra­structure development, and policy interventions neces­sary to facilitate and promote shrimp farming activities across the country.

Deputy Director of Marine Fisheries Department, Has­eeb Awan, captivated partici­pants with his exploration of the vast potential of shrimp exports from Pakistan. Draw­ing upon his extensive ex­perience in the field, Awan underscored the significant opportunities available for stakeholders to leverage Pakistan’s abundant marine resources and strategic geo­graphical location to tap into the global shrimp market.

Feisal Iftikhar, an esteemed expert on aquaculture and former CEO of Fisheries De­velopment Board, provided valuable insights into the future prospects of shrimp farming and export oppor­tunities. Participants gained valuable insights into poten­tial challenges and innovative solutions to drive sustainable growth in the sector.

Additionally, the webinar featured a talk by the Direc­tor General of the Agro-food Division of the Trade Devel­opment Authority of Paki­stan. He highlighted TDAP’s commitment to bringing stakeholders together to de­velop a sustainable shrimp export industry. He empha­sized TDAP’s willingness to provide resources and sup­port to unleash the untapped potential of shrimp farming in Pakistan, ensuring the sec­tor’s growth and competi­tiveness in the global market.

Participants were briefed on the revision of rules under the “Pakistan Fish Inspection and Quality Control Act 1997” and the development of a Na­tional Residue Control Plan (NRCP), essential prerequi­sites for the export of aqua­culture-based products.

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