Is Donald Trump really as big a threat as he’s being peddled as?

We have become so used to hypocrisy and politicians with evil smiles that we are afraid of a person who has the guts to denounce anything and everything

The world, especially we Muslims, have once again gone bonkers after listening to Khizr Khan’s emotional speech on his son. His son was a Muslim-American soldier who got killed while fighting in Iraq. What was Iraq War for, who started it, who sent Captain Humayun to fight there, is another story. For now let us dwell into some hard facts on why the world is so afraid of Donald Trump. Let me first list down some key agendas that Trump plans to work on once he is a president. Along with each policy, I will try to explain its implications.

1) Illegal Immigrants

Now a major problem that people have with Trump is that he wants stronger, safer borders. We all know the terrorism we have to face in the name of globalization. West is facing the immigrant crisis with a high rate of lone-wolf attack. Currently there is reported to be one attack by immigrants claiming to be link to ISIS every 84 hours.

Now who created ISIS, wbhy this immigrant crisis happened in the first place, where these immigrants are coming from, why has the sea become safer than land is another story. But let me point this out: Pakistan is facing the same problem with illegal or undocumented immigrants bringing drugs and weapons from India, Afghanistan and Iran into Pakistan. Recently Pakistan decided to have higher security measures at Pak-Afghan border and is sending Afghan immigrants back to their country. Do we become evil because we want to make our country safer for our children? Does it make Trump evil if he asks to have a proper background check of immigrants before letting them in their country?

Now with respect to the debate that he doesn’t want any Muslims in America. Even if he doesn’t, why are you so obsessed with living in a country that you curse for invading your fellow-Muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya? Being emotionally-hypocrite Muslims, we want to live in America, earn dollars, do shopping in Lahore, send our children to America on Fullbright scholarships and in the end be like Bhai jee yeh sab Amreeka karwa rha hai... 

2) Abortion

Our newly turned liberal feminist population will be like ooohhh a woman has a right over her bodyshe should be allowed to make her own choices! Let me ask you something: Didn’t the same woman have a choice when she was indulging in ultimate worldly pleasures? Didn’t she have the choice to choose safety measures so that her time of self-indulgence does not result in a new rather unwanted life? Trump’s policy regarding abortion is quite rational since it intends to ban late-term abortions. However, cases such as pregnancy due to rape or incest are an exception. I cannot imagine a woman who would want to kill her baby knowing that it’s fully developed and a complete human-being inside her.

3) Foreign Policy

Though we don’t like to hear it but the bitter truth is that Iran and Saudi Arab are undoubtedly funders of terrorism. The world has no bigger war than the war between Shia, Sunni, Wahhabis, Ahmadis, etc. And guess what they all have in common? They all call themselves Muslims. So if Trump declares Saudi Arabia and Iran to be doing what they actually are, what is so wrong with it? Do you know why Obama and Hillary administration recently made the Iran nuclear deal? They wanted to destabilize Saudi economy which largely depends on oil by lifting oil export sanctions on Iran. The result: large supply of oil in the market with low demand, which has hurt the Saudi economy so much that the IMF has warned that they may soon run out of money. Thus it’s better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face than a friend who stabs you in the back.

4) Global Warming

Don’t we all agree that we have some major issues on hand rather than spending millions of dollars on so-called meetings on global warming and legislations? If you think poverty, food crisis, terrorism, human trafficking, and drugs are insignificant problems good luck with that Western lollipop in your hand.

Bill Laswell said:

“People are afraid of things they don't understand. They don't know how to relate. It threatens their security, their existence, their career, and image”

And that is the only reason the world fears Trump. They don’t understand his bold, blunt and straightforward ways. We have become so used to hypocrisy and politicians with evil smiles that we are afraid of a person who has the guts to denounce anything and everything. The world is always fearful of people who have the courage to look it in the eyes. The world is always afraid of people speaking their mind be it Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Zulfiqar Bhutto or someone like Qandeel Baloch, We are afraid of what might happen if our norms, values, and practices are confronted. That is why we mock them, make fun of how they look like, how they talk, how they dress and how they show their true-selves to the world precisely.

Better have an outspoken, resilient and amusing (no doubt in that) president than a spineless hypocrite politician like Hillary who would ignite the fire in Middle-East send Muslim soldiers to kill Muslims and then bring his Muslim father on stage with a copy of American constitution in his pocket, which he must be reading every day along with his Quran.

Nayab Nasir is a PhD scholar of Management Sciences residing in Lahore. She is a social media activist, a blogger, researcher, and founder of a youth lead organization called Gen-Y Pakistan which strives to rebuild what has been damaged.

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