Prince Harry in dire need of a win amid his growing ‘smell of failure’

LONDON-Prince Harry suffered a major blow amid his ongoing cases running in the London High Court.  The Duke of Sussex, who has been going back and forth with his cases, was granted a partial summary judgment with his case against NGN, with the judge dismissing his phone hacking claims on the basis that it has expired. There is a six-year period in which such claims can be brought in Britain. According to Newsweek chief royal correspondent, Jack Royston, said during The Royal Report podcast that Prince Harry is in dire need of a win before he starts to look like a failure. “It would have been a major victory for him if he could get that ruling,” he said of the phone hacking claim. “There’s also the issue of the kind of general smell of failure. Like, you don’t want to smell of failure. You want to smell of success, and so this is another kind of dent in the armour.”  The expert noted the Sussexes have already been in a midst of a business crisis since June when Spotify parted ways with them and their Netflix deal was hanging by a balance. Prince Harry was also majorly snubbed after his best-selling memoir, Spare, became the most discarded book by holidaymakers. “It’s another knock for Harry on the back of a whole load of others,” Royston continued.  “From the collapse of Harry and Meghan’s Spotify deal to the kind of big cultural backlash against Harry’s memoir. So, you know, a victory on the remaining bit of the case would really help to offset that.” Whereas, Royal experts are of the opinion that Prince Harry is ‘missing his family more than ever’ now that he’s moved away to the UK. Insights into the Duke’s emotional state have been shared by royal author and expert Katie Nicholl. She started everything off by making candid admissions to Closer magazine.  In the midst of this chat, she weighed in on the possibility that Prince Harry is starting to ‘miss’ his UK life.  In an effort to explain further, she said, “I think Harry must miss his family more than ever, and not coming back to the UK for the summer.”  This claim has come keeping in mind Prince Harry’s past desires to spend summer in the UK so his children could “have a special relationship with their cousins”, just like with Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.  But given the recent changes he’s made in his life “You have to wonder whether the novelty of that has worn off,” the expert also noted. 

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