Pakistan hell bent on self-destruction: Jones

ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - In an interview with Charlie Rose on Bloomberg TV Thursday Gen James Jones said Ijaz was a mere acquaintance. This comes contrary to Ijazs claims in several interviews that Jones is a close friend of his. Responding to a question, Jones said Pakistan is a country hell bent on self-destruction which refuses to listen to advice that might help it. Asked about the memo controversy, he said he had played a small part in it. Jones said Mansoor Ijaz is a 'Pakistani American who lives in Europe and remains involved in the affairs of Pakistan. He is an acquaintance and on May 10 asked Jones to deliver a letter to Mullen. Jones did not say that the letter was initiated by President Asif Ali Zardari or former ambassador Husain Haqqani. Asked if Ijaz was considered credible in the US National Security Council, Jones stopped at saying he was a mere acquaintance.

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