Duchess Catherine dreamed of being a school-teacher

CATHERINE, Duchess of Cambridge dreamed of returning to her former school to work as a teacher before she married into the royal family.
The duchess returned to her former primary school in Berkshire on Friday to launch a new hockey pitch and take part in their annual St Andrew's Day celebrations. She met with youngsters at the school and discussed her time as a pupil there, and admitted she could have ended up as their teacher if she hadn't married Prince William.
The duchess told the children, "I absolutely loved my time here, they were some of my happiest years. I enjoyed it so much I told my mother I was going to come back to be a teacher. While that didn't quite happen, I was thrilled to have been asked back on St Andrew's Day." She also revealed her childhood nickname was "Squeak", adding, "I used to have a pair of guinea pigs. There was one called Pip and one called Squeak. My sister was called Pippa and I was Squeak."
During the visit, the duchess showed off her sporting skills by taking part in a game of hockey with a group of schoolchildren.            –WO

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