Checkmating plans of denuclearisation and balkanisation of Pakistan through absolute truth

Considering the obsession of secular west with Jerusalem’s religious status for Jews is a strange phenomenon which needs to be studied and there is no better way to studying it other than religious truth in eschatology

The world has witnessed two great wars. Twice, the US entered at a specific moment in order to tilt the outcome of the both World Wars. Henry Ford, who enjoyed popularity, had influence on Americans to oppose US becoming part of Wars but placement of American troops led to invitation of aggression from opponents. Today, the battlefronts are numerous and varied. The battlefronts can be socio-economic and hybrid, too. Nevertheless, the most destructively potent weapon is the Atom bomb. Pakistan has it stockpile as a form of deterrence to the extent of tactical nuclear capability.

As strategic alliances are being redrawn majorly due to Russia’s diplomacy and to some extent due to China’s economic endeavours, Turkish policies and Pakistan’s neutrality in the strategic chessboard of the 21st century. This has come into existence as an effect of Arab Spring since 2010. ‘Balancing Acts’ are being witnessed on the chessboard which conforms to contours of ‘Messianic Age,’ which requires a religious response to events occurring for a number of reasons. It has to do with both, logic and faith. Inferring from Sacred law, either Power can be used to oppress or used to punish oppressor. There are two recent situations which clarify the direct link regarding occurrence of events and religious claim to truth in order to explain reality. It is related to Indo-Pak and US-Russia mutual rivalry. The Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat gave a statement about Pakistan’s internal matter (to become a secular state). A similar, undue and uncalled interventionist is being witnessed in Strait of Kerch sea. India has made same mistake as NATO. An uncalled interventionist policy from India will only lead to unification of different factions in Pakistan be it religious/secular, leftist/rightist, pro/anti-establishment and irrespective of language/cultural/ethnic divide or provincial or any such affiliations. The only time such fervor and strength mustered in Indian subcontinent witnessed was during Muslim uprising for Khilafat movement which also led to Hindu support for purpose of freedom. That was Indian subcontinent’s own ‘Arab Spring’ in response to oppressor’s Godless acts. In contemporary time, Indian Army Chief has made a mistake and it will unleash a deep, strategic response from Pakistan and her allies in order to WIN.

There are strategic objectives of ‘series of wars.’ The public opinion is swayed through false deception. A similar act of profound deception can be used against any country in near future. This country can be Pakistan in order to undermine and roll back ‘EurAsian moves for Unity’ on the strategic chessboard of 21st century. The aim would be to target Pakistan in extreme manner in order to denuclearise, balkanize and roll back any form of possible or minutest resistance. The consistent methodology to trap prey has been major acts of false flag terrorism. Given the pattern of recent events and the respective timeline, it can deemed as plausible scenario that the False flag event can take place in next few months or years.

Considering the obsession of secular west with Jerusalem’s religious status for Jews is a strange phenomenon which needs to be studied and there is no better way to studying it other than religious truth in eschatology. Islamic eschatology can provide accurate interpretation and tools for appropriate response as an evaluation. Considering religious scriptures as scared knowledge which consider internal eye as capable to receive knowledge, the events of Indian Army Chief’s statement and the confrontation in Kerch sea cannot be treated as alienated patterns. Qur’an calls for allies and friendship with likeminded in order to resist the alliance of opponents (India and Pro-Israeli NATO in this case). The Zionist strategy is to control and take over those who rule, either du jure or de facto. Pax Judaica (Israel as ruling state) cannot emerge without getting rid of Pax Americana and according to warmongers, the world has to conform in complete submission to oppressor. Russia and China will not bend knee to oppressor not they want to rule the world!

The religious response has benefits for EurAsia. The message must reach to the secularised world, too, in persuasive but gentle manner. As Muslims following Abrahamic religion, we must recognize that Sacred Law are from same Lord God whether Quran, Gospel or Torah.  The three Abrahamic faiths should find similarity through religious truth. This will lead the people, who follow religious truth, to offer an explanation of Truth and reality based on religious conception to the secularized mind who have no contact with word of Lord-God in pursuit of knowledge and also find It difficult to accept it as internal eye-based knowledge of same-sourced Sacred Knowledge. The best method and tool to demonstrate religious truth is Eschatology. Religious Truth leads to ‘Absolute Truth’ which be reached through any form of multiplicity, too. For e.g., the concept of Messiah in Messianic Age conforms to evaluations based on observation of events which have occurred in history and interpreting events in contemporary time to reach conclusion about events which will occur during period of End of History. Qur’an refers to it as Qarn (two ages) and explains how Jews and Christians can access absolute truth from religious truth of any Abrahamic religion. Absolute truth, in this day and age, is about how Power is used and gained either to oppress or punish oppressor.  This reflects and highlights the importance of knowledge based upon internal eye and how it stresses and emphasizes upon the role of religious truth in understanding Absolute Truth. In order to prove claim to truth, Islam must have the capacity and capability explain events occurring in Messianic Age i.e. End of History.

Two cities, Jerusalem and Constantinople, have been mentioned in Qur’an and have a role in contemporary times. In divine wisdom, they were only indirectly mentioned and it takes critical thinking to interpret and recognize. The Abrahamic faiths must come together to defend religious truth which provide Sacred Law from same Lord God and can lead to Absolute Truth. The Quran and Hadees uses unusual language to explain the role and importance of both cities during End of History. In Quran, Constantinople is identified as the ‘city by the sea’ and Jerusalem as city in Chapter of The Prophets. The very unusual language used in Hadees in order to praise the Army and its General to conquer Constantinople at end of history is to highlight the importance and significance of the act to correct the wrong done by another Muslim Army which oppressed Christians by converting Hagia Sofia cathedral into Masjid. The wrong act of oppression was carried out by Ottoman Muslims who claimed Islamic Caliphate. However, it seems Modern Turkey has realized the wrong and oppression and has evaluated appropriately to change its status. Turkey has now reached out to part of Christian world identified as Ar Rum in the Quran in order to correct the wrong and oppose oppressor (Pro-Israeli NATO). This will lead to such friendship and alliance so as to resist Pro-Israeli NATO. Will the naval confrontation between Russia and NATO stop at kerch sea or will it reach Bosphorus in Constantinople, Turkey? The face of Israel would be plain to witness as being aggressor, transgressor and oppressor while making its move to establish itself as ruling state in the world.

The great danger is so pertinent that it should be considered as distress call similar to witnessed during Khilafah movement in Indian subcontinent, which led to return to struggle posed as a serious and threatening challenge to British Raj, as whole of Indian subcontinent was electrified and united in one demand: Restoration and preservation of institute of Caliphate. It was to be more disastrous than Russian resistance or German onslaught in world wars. This opposition to oppression was possible due to search of truth. Symbolic interpretationism is a tool for Strategy to WIN. There is more to what meets the external eye. Arab spring was not string of events but only an event for positive identification to movement of Truth to restore the Days of God in the annals of time. India will have to abandon Hindutva or face alienation in EurAsia and whole world.

The external observations is limited and hence; not accurate. Absolute Truth isn't limited. Can anyone explain how secular west laid way for a Religious people to go to Israel despite being European? Why havean obsession about this for centuries? Why was Palestine only a British Mandate but all other British colonies were given Constitution or provisional frameworks when British transferred power to locals but there was no such agreement when it came to Palestine. The British just left. Secondly, the argument that ‘100 years can pass but observations based on external knowledge proved through scientific inquiry will remain same,’ Is half truth. The other half is Internal knowledge. Wasn't the event of Minor Messiah of Jews, Prophet Ezra (Uzayr), a validation of Truth even when 100 years has passed. We are living in Messianic Age and Religious approach through Eschatology is Acceptable since it has self-correcting mechanism to be part of Absolute Truth. It is Absolute Truth, itself. 

In order to expand to biblical frontiers, Israel would have to annex eastern delta of Egypt. The Pro-Israeli NATO and allies will attack Egypt from South (Sudan/Ethiopia), West (Libya/NATO), Mediterranean (NATO/US) and Left (allies of Israel). The aerial warfare, land offensive and naval blockade has to be so effective enough in order to cripple a system which hosts 18Million Egyptians. This attack will also apply to parts of Iraq and Syria which cover area till River Euphrates. The most potent and serious attack will be launched on Pakistan. Will Divine assistance play any role of intervention when attempt to denuclearise and balkanize Pakistan will take place, which will be then left to deal with most strategic ally as Zionist friend (Hindutva India)? It is inherently important to highlight the state of global affairs. Upon friendship and alliance with Christian world, the Russian Navy will have survived the effects of War and will reach Constantinople as backbone of Pro-Israeli NATO will be broken due to resistance to oppressor during War. Russia has studied its mistakes and hence, does not engage in uninvited military action. The need of time is to unite Muslims, Christians and Jews onto Religious and Absolute Truth.

The brilliance of the EurAsia is radiant in the Messianic Age. In response to Indian Army Chief’s statement, the Pakistanis should forget their differences and break the chains of division, disagreement and disarray. A new social contract is needed which will not only unite Pakistani people but send message of friendship and alliance to whole religious (Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic) world and also necessarily reach out to secular factions who recognize and oppose oppression. There is a specific methodology in addition to symbolic interpretationism which reveals the applicable knowledge in terms of eschatological approach to reality and absolute truth. Only Lord God is able to change the meaning of verses which can lead to flexible interpretation and be utilised as system of meaning to major events.

In an evil event, there might be something good. To recognize and utilise the good; one must know one’s past, study present and prepare for future. You have to be ready! A new relationship can be formed forstrong friendship and forging of strategic alliance within religious world of Abrahamic faiths as we await our moment to be led by such leadership, which will restore ‘Power’ in order to be used against or punish oppressor in order for Truth to triumph and justice to prevail for one last time! The Quran beautifully summarises in Chapter of Romans that in the Messianic Age as End of history, the Lord God will grant victory to Christians (who embrace religious truth and recognise Absolute Truth) when there will be alliance with Muslims in time to come as victory was granted against Persia in the time of Holy Prophet ! This is tip of knowledge being mentioned in this article!

Waqas Mahmood Ali

Waqas Mahmood Ali is an International Strategy Analyst and Political commentator. Waqas is a former member of staff at 'The Nation' newspaper. He is 'Phd Candidate' at Strategic Studies Department at Air University. He is associated with Newspapers, Radio and, Policy, Political and Media think tanks. He can be reached on twitter at @WaqasMahmoodAli

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