Governor for respecting difference of opinion in society

LAHORE  -  Punjab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman has said that it was necessary to respect a difference of opinion among people for a peaceful coexistence in a pluralistic society. Talking to a delegation of students from Law and Politics Society of the LUMS at the Governor’s House here on Saturday, he said one should respect and understand others’ varied perspectives and opinions, adding that students must inculcate a habit of research and don’t believe in the the information without verifying it. He said that an educated person does not believe in hearsay. The Punjab governor welcomed the students to the Governor House Lahore and informed them them about the historic Governor House. He also explained the constitutional role of the office of the governor. He said LUMS is premiere educational institution of the country where analytical and critical skills of students are developed, adding that the most important purpose of education is to develop tolerance. The governor said that the young population of Pakistan is its biggest asset. He said unfortunately, disappointment was spread among the youth under a false narrative. He underscored the need to look at positivity in society, adding that there are fewer negative things and more positive things in our society. While quoting the examples of organizations like Edhi and Akhuwat, he said said that Edhi Ambulance is the largest network of private ambulances in the world, while the loan repayment rate under Akuwat Foundation is more than 99 per cent. He said that those who return the loan belong to the poor class, adding that they are given loans without collateral, but still they return the loan. He further said that if everyone shows responsibility and does not spread things on social media without research, then the spread of wrong and negative information can be stopped. He further said that the supremacy of law and constitution is the only way forward. He said, unfortunately, Constitution- violators launched a mudslinging campaign against the honest. Later, the students were shown round of the historical Governor’s House.

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