Pakistan’s socio-economic struggle

I am writing to express my opinion on Pakistan’s failure in the socio-economic index. By the grace of Al­lah Almighty, it has been almost 75 years since Pakistan became an in­dependent state. Despite progress in various areas, numerous social and economic issues persist. The average Pakistani leads an under­privileged life due to mismanage­ment by various political and mili­tary governments. 

The top management is not utilis­ing human resources efficiently but running funding programs that discourage public initiative. New­ly elected leaders mainly focus on criticising the previous govern­ment rather than resolving ongo­ing community issues. These ad­ministrative mistakes have led to socio-economic problems such as poverty, inadequate access to qual­ity education and healthcare, high unemployment rates, and insuffi­cient infrastructure. 

Economically, the country faces challenges like low industrial pro­ductivity, an agrarian crisis, a large informal economy, and imbalanced wealth distribution. Political in­stability, corruption, and security concerns exacerbate these prob­lems, hindering progress and sta­bility. Addressing these issues re­quires comprehensive strategies in education, healthcare, job cre­ation, infrastructure development, governance reforms, and efforts to combat poverty and inequality.



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