Parties on the prowl for electables

ISLAMABAD  -  The election festivity is finally gaining momentum throughout the country, as the political parties and public were in a state of uncertainty about February 08.

The public meetings, political parleys and placement of political banners with the pictures of potential candidates, arrangement of ‘feasts’ at politicians’ homes and the related hustle-bustle have rung the election bells.

Now the political parties’ candidates, in their political campaigns, will not be shy to target their opponents and former allies to lure the ‘innocent’ voters. The responsibilities of parties’ heavyweights have also increased as they have not only to keep an eye over electables but also run their own campaign for the polls.

The upcoming general polls will be different from the rest of the polls with some of the aspects as the main parties before the polls have started expressing their reservations about ‘level-playing field’.

The main allies [PPP-PML-N] are still confused whether to contest against each other or once again make an alliance for future government in the centre, background discussions with the senior politicians revealed. In the current political scenario, the electables across the country have started flexing their muscles to contest the polls 2024 from their areas. Most of these electables are enjoying comfortable positions due to having caste and family votes and social work in the areas.

The political leadership definitely does not want to take risk to lose their support of ‘winning horses’ in the election, as especially in Punjab Pakistan Muslim League [PML-N], Pakistan Peoples Party [PPP] and Istehqat Pakistan Party [IPP] are desperately trying to take electables in their fold.

Desiring not to disclose names, some of the electables from different areas, shared that this is the actual time when political leadership likes to take them in their fold. This time, in upcoming elections, both the PPP and PML-N will be in need of seasoned politicians who are having ‘pocket vote’ in the elections.

These politicians, due to strong positions in their areas, never prefer personally approach to party leadership for party tickets rather they are usually awarded tickets.

After the delimitation of constituencies, the main leadership from provinces have even individually started their political campaign in their areas for the upcoming general polls. The main politicians including Gilani, Qureshi, Chaudhary, Mazari, Khosa, Daraishak, Mazari, Tareen and others are flexing muscles to contest in the polls. PML-N’s leadership has also invited the main leaders of his party to hold a meeting on December 08 with them to discuss the party tickets and related matters.

Political gurus viewed that the seniors in any political party are always preferred as the parties never easily rely on young candidates to represent the party. Some of the politicians in the past have proved ‘turncoats’ at crucial times, so the award of tickets is performed after complete deliberations.

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