PMEX holds InvestExpo 2023 to encourage safe investment

ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Mercantile Ex­change (PMEX) organised InvestExpo, featuring exhibi­tions by leading entities in the financial sector, includ­ing stock brokers, commodi­ties brokers, mutual funds, insurance, and microfinance companies. The first-ever expo in Islamabad is a sig­nificant move towards the goal of encouraging safe in­vestment alternatives and raising financial knowledge. The chairman of the Secu­rities and Exchange Com­mission of Pakistan (SECP), Akif Saeed inaugurated In­vestExpo 2023. In his ingu­ral speech, Akif emphasized the importance of ensuring investor protection, stating that the SECP is committed to maintaining a fair and trans­parent marketplace through regulatory safeguards to instill confidence in inves­tors. He said that the SECP investor education program, Jamapunji, aims to improve financial literacy by provid­ing individuals with the nec­essary knowledge to make informed financial decisions. The expo is part of efforts to empower individuals with knowledge on diverse in­vestment avenues, fostering financial literacy across Paki­stan. The event highlighted the variety of safe investment opportunities and provided a platform for dialogue and idea exchange to enhance the nation’s financial land­scape. Beside the expo, the event also inculcates insight­ful awareness sessions by market experts, focusing on investing in stocks, com­modities, and mutual funds. Speakers shed light on the in­tricacies of insurance, takaful, and microfinance. The expo attracted a diverse audience, highlighting the growing sig­nificance of financial literacy in the country.

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