RUDA achieves strategic goals for year 2023

LAHORE  -  Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) conducted a thorough assessment of its preceding year’s performance, unveiling an ambitious roadmap for the coming year in a forward-thinking strategy and goal development session. The session, attended by key stakeholders, witnessed addresses from the Minister of Housing Syed Azfar Ali Nasir, CEO Imran Amin, and COO Mansoor Ahmad Janjua, underscoring RUDA’s unwavering commitment to sustainable urban development. The strategic session commenced with a meticulous review of RUDA’s past year, delving into achievements, challenges, and overall impact on urban development.

CEO Imran Amin and COO Mansoor Ahmad Janjua shared RUDA’s strategic vision for the upcoming year, emphasizing innovation, efficiency, and sustainable practices.

The leadership outlined goals that prioritise community engagement and inclusive development. The CEO stated, “Our goals for 2023 reflect our commitment to creating not just infrastructure but thriving communities, a testament to sustainable and inclusive urban development.”

The Minister of Housing addressed the ceremony, commending RUDA for its pivotal role in advancing sustainable urban development. Highlighting the significance of collaborative strategies in addressing urban challenges, the minister stated, “RUDA exemplifies the cornerstone of our vision for sustainable urban living, serving as a catalyst for positive change and progress in our communities.” The event was also attended by senior government officials from various departments of Punjab, highlighting the importance of a unified approach to urban development.

Moreover, certificates of appreciation were awarded to individuals who exhibited exceptional dedication and significantly contributed to RUDA’s goals throughout the year. This recognition underscores RUDA’s commitment to fostering a culture of professional excellence and teamwork.

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