Siraj calls for systemic change in country

Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq on Sunday said that the ‘selection’ of the prime minister based on being either a blue-eyed person or a super blue-eyed person in the next general elections is not acceptable – an obvious reference to the PML-N supremo and the former PTI chairman.

The JI leader, during a press conference at Mansoora, stressed the need for a systemic change in the country, saying that it went beyond merely changing faces.

He expressed his concern over the escalating injustice and despair in the country, highlighting the distress of the common man as the entire nation remains entangled in a quagmire.

The JI chief berated former rulers for prioritising stashing of their bank balances over public welfare.

According to Siraj, the past decade has been a nightmare for the people, witnessing a sequence of governments, including the PTI, a coalition government for 16 months, and now a caretaker setup.

He pointed out that these successive governments were part of a sequence rather than a revolutionary change.

He said that common Pakistanis had been disillusioned. “They have been deceived in the name of food, shelter and clothing.”

Looking ahead to the upcoming elections, Siraj proclaimed that they would bring deliverance from the exploitative system and advocate for freedom in Kashmir.

He asserted that the next election would serve as a means to rescue the people from oppression and tyranny, accentuating his party's commitment to ending inflation and poverty in the country.

Siraj announced that the Jamaat-e-Islami would commence its election campaign on December 8, Friday, and claimed that only his party could ensure a corruption-free Pakistan.

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