Fast food is something that we can never get enough of. Fast food on a budget is something we definitely can’t get enough of! Sadly, when opting for fast food on a budget, the options become restricted and the quality of the food tends to deteriorate. However, we’ve found the perfect solution to that problem: Johnny and Jugnu! The brainchild from three young individuals, Gohar Iqbal, Hassan Amir Khan and Zara Arshad , this new fast food venture has become a quick favourite among many.

Located in DHA CC, the place is a modest shop that only offers takeaway. When asked about whether they plan on adding a seating arrangement, Zara said that they do not plan on doing that since that would add to the cost which the restaurant does not want to do. They wish to keep the costs low in order to be able to provide the food at very reasonable prices.

The menu isn’t very large but the restaurant offers a number of different sauces. Trying out all the combinations could take someone a lot of time and that also means their food does not get boring after a few visits.

Here is a review of some of their amazing food items!

Chicken Fillet burger:

This is a perfect burger that comes in with a  well-fried, non-oily chicken fillet. The burger is pretty big for someone with a small appetite (like ours). The fillet isn’t hard or chewy, as it tends to be at other burger joints, particularly if it is eaten a while after being prepared. This is one burger that goes well with all of their sauces. If you’re a spice lover, we’d recommend the Atomic sauce or the Chipotle sauce, both of which will leave your spice cravings adequately satisfied. Our personal favourites, however, are the Greek and Garlic sauces which are mild and sweet. Make it a combo with fries and a drink!

Wehshi Zinger:

This variant of Zinger is unlike any other you’ve ever tried. The batter is homemade (like all their other products) and leaves behind a wonderful taste of the spices used in it. Our experience with Zingers in the past hasn’t been too good, mainly because of the fact that the chicken in these burgers tends to remain undercooked or the batter ends up being overcooked and hard. This Zinger, however, was sent directly from Zinger heaven. The center was perfectly cooked and the batter was crisp and golden. It goes well with the spicy sauces or with the garlic sauce. To our dismay, Gohar, the creator of the Gree sauce told us that the Zinger does not go too well with it since the flavor of the spices in the batter overpowers the flavor of the sauce.

Chicken Tortilla Wrap:

For all you health conscious people out there, this is the best option. A huge wrap filled with crispy lettuce, kidney beans, sweet corns, and strips of chicken, this is something you should go for when you’re really hungry. We took ours with the Greek sauce (obviously) but the wrap, just like the fillet burger, goes great with any sauce.

The restaurant has introduced a new burger called the Shami burger which we haven’t tried as yet but are pretty confident that it tastes good.

If you’re looking for a nice place to sit and eat, this is not the place for you. If you don’t mind eating in the car, this is definitely the place for you. The only thing we thought could be improved were the fries. Good fries with the burgers and wraps they serve would be a match made in heaven! The per head cost ranges from 250-390 rupees depending on whether you go for a burger or a full meal. The average cost per head is around 350 rupees. It is worth mentioning that the restaurant, since opening in October, has catered to over 10,000 orders. Do we recommend it? Absolutely!