Kiani checks health arrangements at new airport

ISLAMABAD  -   ents in place by Airport Health Authorities to prevent cross border transmission of disease.  He said that the current government is stressing to strengthen health departments and Directorate of Central Health Establishment at all points of entry especially airports. He also said that funds have been allocated by ministry of National Health Services for improvement in infrastructure and uniforms at health departments at all international borders. The minister informed that thermal scanners have been operationalized at Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi airports while same are being installed at all point of entries of country.

The Directorate of Central Health Establishment will be equipped with it networking soon. A website has been designed to help passengers awareness of health related problems at international travel.

 is being launched soon, the minister added.  He said quarantine and isolation facilities at all airports will be provided. Recently a MoU with China has been signed to control cross border disease spread during visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Polio vaccination is proved and visibility of the facility has been enhanced through public service messages at airports, he said. The minister directed to take steps for the improvement of health security at all international borders and issue instructions for better health facilities at ports and land crossing.


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