Energy crisis soars as shortfall nears 8,000 MW

The electricity shortfall in the country has reached 7,787 Mega watts as production is stagnated at 21,213 MW and demand reaches 29,000 MW.

According to the power division of the country, the electricity shortfall has reached near 8,000 MW. The demand for electricity in the country has exceeded 29,000 while the production lags at 21,000 MW.

The power division told that currently, a total of 5,430 MW of power is being produced by hydropower while 705 MW are being produced via Thar mill plants. The production via the private sector is 10,241 MW while Wind and solar plants throughout the country are producing 1,742 MW of electricity, it added.

Biogas plants are producing a total of 120 MW, while 2,275 MW are being produced using nuclear power, the power division said.

The load shedding duration in the country has gone up to 14 hours. Areas with greater line losses are suffering from higher durations of load shedding, the power division said.

On June 30, according to the power division, the demand for electricity peaked at 29,200 MW against the available supply of 21,900 MW.

The power division said that some of the urban centres and rural areas were experiencing load shedding of 12 to 14 hours.

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