Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) on Sunday arrested a gang of three narcotics smugglers from Islamabad International Airport.

According to details, the ANF confiscated 5 kg of Heroine from a three-member gang at Islamabad International Airport.

A passenger named George was caught carrying 2.6 kg of narcotics at the airport’s entry door.

The ANF told that the Heroine was expertly hidden in the luggage trolley.

Two more gang -members Ilyas and Rizwan were nabbed at George’s identification.

The gang members have confessed to smuggling narcotics to foreign countries, the ANF told. Another 2.7 kg of Heroine was recovered from a parcel at the airport.

An ANF spokesperson said that the drugs were hidden inside 20 women’s suits expertly.

The parcel was booked under Sialkot resident Liaquat Ali’s name.

The parcel was to be received by British resident Mehmood.

The ANF has confiscated the parcel and started an investigation.

A case has been filed against the three gang members under the anti-narcotics act.

In another operation on April 1, ANF Islamabad recovered 86 narcotic capsules hidden inside the belly of a passenger at Islamabad Airport.

The passenger was set to travel to Bahrain from Islamabad via an International Airline