My beloved country is in the grip of numerous dire problems ranging from crushing inflation to unbearable load-shedding. Unfortunately, our leaders, who tout to be the champions of democracy are adamant not to sit together to cooperate for the sake of the country. They are so self-absorbed that their hubris stops them from having any empathy for people.

While people suffer immensely, they rush to foreign countries to get treatment for minor illnesses or waste public money on visits to meet their party leaders abroad. While out of power they make tall claims of changing the destiny of the country through their experienced team, but when they get their hands on power, thy completely forget about people. Their personal gains take precedence over any public concern. For example, our newly (s)elected PM went to London along with his entourage to meet his brother Nawaz Sharif who was convicted by the court and is not returning to the country due to fear of jail time. The democracy in our country has been hijacked by a few families who have their members in one party or the other.

No matter which party is in power, we see similar faces occupying important positions. While I was writing this letter, my helper Zafar from village Jafar, Tehsil Fateh Jang, District Attock returned from leave and informed me that due to prolonged dry hot weather, their village has run out of drinking water. They must fetch water from other villages miles away, but unfortunately, there is no government department or politicians who would be willing to come to the rescue of people in villages like Jaffar. I wish the newly installed government would pay a bit of attention to the plight of people who have been crushed under the burden of multiple problems.