No food security

Due to the food shortage, the new coalition government is all set for humiliation in very near future. Though it would be unfair to blame them for the looming food crisis in the country, but an empty stomach doesn't understand logic or argument. WFP country director Wolfgang Berbinger has told media that currently 60m food insecure people are present in the country. The increase of 35 percent in wheat prices and way more for some other food items, did not match the increase in wage rate that was no more than 18 percent. According to the WFP stats, 38 per cent of Pakistanis are food insecure. WFP also reveal that approximately 12.5 percent wheat is wasted on way from field to the consumer whereas vegetable loss is 30 percent. The food insecurity is in every district of Pakistan. In the most populated province of Pakistan, in Punjab, out of 34 district only 9 are almost food secure. In NWFP, out of 16 districts, only five are food secure. In Sindh, out of 15 districts, only 9 are food secure. In Balochistan, out of 25 districts only 4 are food secure. -ZAMISH KHAN, POF Wah Cantt., via e-mail, May 21

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