Senator Babar Awan has stated that a two-member Judicial Commission may be set up in next two or three days to investigate the PNS Mehran attack, as the government is consulting legal and other personalities in this connection. 'The government does not want to cover up or hide anything about the Abbottabad incident and its commission in this regard had not become controversial, he said. 'Fakhrud Din G Ibrahims statement that he was not aware of his nomination is not right as the former judges name was suggested by the Opposition leader and has already been published in media, he added. In an interview with a private TV channel, Babar Awan said that the government had contacted many people before constituting the commission, but many of them, owing to their interests, backtracked after making a commitment in this regard. However, he denied disclosing the names of those people whom the government contacted with. 'The people who first promised than denied to join the commission became the main reason of delay in constituting it, he said.