VEHARI- The citizens demanded the DCO to take immediate action for the removal of cart-vendors and stalls from the street boundaries here the other day. As per detail, the local traders expressed their anger on the negligence of government regarding unlawful stalls at the boundaries of streets as they become crowded and create problems for the local traders. They demanded Vehari DCO Nassarul Allah Leghari to solve the issue and take immediate actions to remove them for the smooth operations of the traders. They further pointed out that Club Road, Baghwali Masjid Chowk, Purana DakKhana Bazaar, Zia Shaheed Road, and old bus stand remained full of these stalls and Tehsil administration did not take action against them just because they were the voters of the ruling party. Answering to a question, Tehsil Municipal Officer Chaudhry Shahid said that they took action against the encroachments time and again but could not carry on owing to severe political pressure. On the other hand, Chief Officer Imtiaz Joyia told that the institute was about to start an operation against the unlawful cart-vendors with-in a week. He also requested the local traders and citizens to do their level best for the cleanliness of the city for the people to travel easily within the boundaries.