KHANEWAL - Pakistan Muslim League-N former provincial minister and Divisional coordinator Haji Irfan Ahmad Khan Daha admired Punjab Chief Minister in front of a delegation of PML-N here the other day. While addressing the delegation, he said that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif opened the doors of development with his arrival in the city. He told that several development projects were completed and development schemes were introduced after his visit in Khanewal and that it was due to his keen interest in development schemes like, sewerage, parks, hospitals, schools and metal roads. Adding further to the discussion, he said that Pakistan was in severe financial crisis owing to the defective economic, political and federal policies and was alone in the community of the nations due to flawed foreign policies of the government. Moreover, he said that thousands of innocent Muslims are losing their lives in so-called war on terror and in suicide and drone attacks in the country. Unemployment and poverty is leading people to commit suicides and the so-called caretakers of the country, the President and the Prime Minister were busy in strengthening their own selves in the name of the country. Concluding the address, he said that Shahbaz Sharif was the only leader who could bring Pakistan out of the current crises.