ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has sustained highest damage within transport and communication sector as due to flash floods 10 per cent of the road network was badly damaged through out the country causing a loss of $1.2 billion. The damage caused to road network due to 2010 floods required $2.07 billion for reconstruction, according to the 'Economic Survey 2010-11 regarding Transport and Communication sectors. According to the report 'Pakistan flood, 2011: Preliminary damage and need assessment, about 10 per cent of the road-network (approximately 25,000 km) sustained the highest damage within the transport and communication sector. The devastating flood of 2010 caused a severe blow to the road infrastructure as many sections of roads in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) were wiped out by the unprecedented floods. It is relevant to mention here that an efficient communication system is vital for trade, commerce and national integration. 'Pakistans economic development depends on improvement of its transport sector, said the report. According to the report, roads have become the most important segment of transport sector in Pakistan with ever increasing reliance on road transportation. As per survey, in 1947 reliance on roads was only eight per cent, however, the roads now carry over 96 per cent of inland freight and 92 per cent passenger traffic and are undoubtedly the backbone of Pakistans transport sector.