LAHORE Justice Sh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court, taking a serious view of the ambiguous stand taken by the Town Municipal Officer of the Shalimar Town on the establishment of a food street on the greenbelt in the Shadbagh Scheme II, on Friday directed him to submit a statement on oath to clarify his position on the project otherwise the court would summon the provincial chief secretary and an action would also be taken. A petition, filed by Hafiz Moeen Ahmad through Muhammad Azhar Siddique, had challenged the food street by scrapping the greenbelt. The complainant, in his petition, alleged that the action was a clear violation of the fundamental rights of citizens and also against the Local Government Ordinance 2001. TMO Shalamar Khawar Jalil appeared before the court which expressed annoyance on the fact that over the last four dates, no reply to the petition has been filed. Asadullah Siddiqui advocate, the counsel for the TMO, argued that no food street was being set up on the greet belt. The work in progress there is to upgrade the green belt, he pleaded. To a question about work on the greenbelt the TMO gave unclear statement on the project on which the court chastised him for not coming up with the truth of the matter. Meanwhile, Assistant advocate general Shujaat Ali Khan told the court that the TMO was called by commissioner Lahore and DCO Lahore to know from him about facts about the said green belt but he failed to see them. The situation became tense when the TMO said in the court that petitioner had no personal grievance regarding work on the greenbelt. The petitioners counsel Azhar Siddique said an amount of Rs6 million from the national exchequer was being wasted on the so-called greenbelt upgradation project. To this, the TMOs counsel said the amount has yet be sanctioned and nothing is being done on the site as such. The judge said the TMO should keep in mind that he being government official he receives salary from money of the taxpayers and the petitioner is also one of them and he had every right to know about any development work going on the area.