ISLAMABAD - The man who made sensational claims about the PNS Mehran base attack has turned out to be a disparate lover who fabricated the story just to revenge his failure in marrying a sister of an army man. Muhammad Junaid in an interview with Waqt News confessed that he had nothing to do with the Karachi naval base attack. I am not a witness to it and totally unaware of the facts about it, he said. Junaid had claimed in a programme of a private TV that some army men were involved in the attack on Mehran naval base in Karachi. Giving details, Junaid said that he was engaged with a girl, but her brother Arshad, who is a Hawaldar in the army, had been creating obstacles in the way of their marriage. Junaid said he wanted Arshad to be arrested and punished by the army as he made his family mentally suffer on the issue of his marriage. He claimed that Arshad had been threatening his family of dire consequences for the last one year. I admit my mistake and seek forgiveness. I was unaware of the serious consequences, he said. Junaid also clarified that nobody pressured him to tell that false story to media. It was only for the sake of revenge. He said he himself is a son of a soldier but he was so carried away by his hate for Arshad that he took such a dangerous step. He said that he believes that Arshad would have received enough punishment from the army, adding that he made a phone call to Arshad after making false claims but he didnt receive the call. He told that he and Arshad both are residents of Rawalpindi.