LAHORE The City police on Thursday admitted that gangsters killed five people after their families failed to pay ransom amounts during in past five months. All those murdered belonged to the Punjab metropolis. According to an official handout, the police said that at least 24 people were kidnapped for ransom during the first five months of the year. Out of them, only five were murdered, a police spokesman said with a sigh of relief. He, however, claimed that all the ransom cases have been traced. He also admitted that out of the 47 gangsters involved in the cases, 26 have been arrested. Five were killed in police encounters, he claimed. But the spokesman revealed that 16 gangsters involved in the kidnapping-for-ransom cases were still at large. According to the police spokesman, the father of a college student who was kidnapped for ransom, paid Rs500,000 as 'reward to the policemen after they arrested the gangsters and recovered the ransom amount. The police spokesman also said that kidnappers had abducted Zain-ul-Aabdin for Rs 20 million ransom from Barki Area and the police had registered the case (FIR No 32/11) on January 17, this year. However, according to the police sources, the gangsters had released the college student after his parents paid Rs 2.3 million as ransom for his safe release. The police later carried out investigations, arrested the abductors and recovered the ransom amount. Meanwhile, the father of the boy paid Rs 500,000 to the policemen as reward when they informed him that they had recovered the ransom amount. Commenting on the 'reward, a senior retired police officer termed it as bribe and gratification stating that it is the basic duty of the policemen to provide protection to lives and property of the citizens and the government is paying sufficient salaries to them in this regard. They dont deserve rewards, he said, requesting his name not to be mentioned. Meanwhile, the Anti Motorcycle Lifting Staff of Model Town Division police claimed to have arrested two bike lifters of Rizwan alias Mani gang including its ringleader and recovered 17 motorbikes from their possession. The criminals have confessed to 28 cases of motorcycle lifting during preliminary interrogation. The arrested culprits were identified as ringleader Rizwan alias Mani and Dilawer Masih. Further investigations are underway.