ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan Thursday said that the Parliament had been made redundant and a mere bystander as the government was not serious in implementing the resolutions passed by the joint session of the Parliament. In a statement released to the press, Imran Khan stated that the formation of the commission had been made controversial by nominating individuals without consulting leaders of political parties in and outside Parliament. A detailed draft of the commission should have been circulated for consultation and review. The commission along with a detailed TOR proposed through a consultative process within and outside Parliament should have been constituted under an act of Parliament. The Commission should have included individuals of impeccable credentials representing all relevant areas of expertise including; a retired representative of the Air Force, Army, and an expert on international law besides political and judicial representatives. The PTI chairman stated that the ham handed manner in which the government had constituted the commission would only deepen the suspicions that the government was trying to gain time and had no intention of bringing out the truth about the unilateral US operation in Abbottabad. He added that it would also deepen the suspicions about the secret understandings made by the rulers with the US and it did not intend to implement the resolution of the joint session of Parliament in letter and spirit. In this regard the PTI chairman pointed out the failure of the government to stop NATO supplies if drone attacks continued, a specific policy guideline under the resolution. PTI Chairman Imran Khan stated that the confused and conflicting policy statements by the rulers would only embolden the US to continue its reckless policy of unilateral military operations inside Pakistani territory. While the Prime Minister termed the Abbottabad operation a historic success on the other hand the President had been reported, according to the latest WikiLeaks, to have given a green signal to the US for unilateral military action inside Pakistan. The PTI chief said the time had come for the nation to take stock of the serious security challenges particularly after the PNS Mehran episode. By pursuing the US agenda in Pakistan, the government was creating unbearable pressure on security organisations. Such pressures may lead to a process of internal fragmentation that must not be allowed to happen. Without any sober analysis of the fast unfolding events leading to a review of its policies, the government continues to 'do more at US behest. The planned operation in North Waziristan Agency would create more havoc and further spike acts of terror in the cities and towns. Our national security demands that a corrupt government that refuses to protect the lives of our citizens and fails to provide good governance should not be allowed to continue in power, Imran Khan concluded.